Half-time update

I’m currently watching the Portugal vs Spain game, and it’s half time. The game was crazy intense. And the score is still 0-0. I’m rooting for Portugal because Spain colonized us. (yes, I’m bitter, but I won’t side with the enemy! :P)

I ran to the bathroom right after the game, and I saw the weighing scale and ignored it completely. I’m not prepared to weigh myself yet, it would push me to go on a diet. Right now I’m enjoying my favorite ice cream, Hokey Pokey from Baskin Robbins. It’s White chocolate ice cream with crunchy honey comb pieces and caramel. Mmmmm… Calories.

Shower me with your concepts.

When I was still a student, whenever my thinking process got jammed, I would take a shower. I noticed that many of my grand ideas unfold themselves to me in the shower. It came to a point that I would bring my notebook and pen or cellphone with me to the shower to record my thoughts before the flew away.

There is that calmness that the water brings to me that clears up my mind and just allows ideas to flow freely in my mind. Yesterday I had a choice to make, whether or not to grab an opportunity that presented itself to me. Eventually, after much thinking, I decided to go for it. Yet I was stumped on how I would have to go through with it. I don’t want to jinx it so I’ve only told two people about it. But here’s something about it: I have to make a topic proposal.

I’ve been looking through my head for possible topics that won’t complicate life for me (and that doesn’t require me to stalk high profile individuals to gather my data. I think I’ve had enough of that). After thinking the whole day, I couldn’t come up with a specific topic that would both strike my interest and fulfill the requirements of said opportunity. I went to have a shower, and then it dawned onto me. Everything became clearer. And I now have a topic. It’s not a perfect topic, but I think it’s good enough for me to get by.

So that’s about it. I’m putting mission impossible aside for awhile to give me time to this mini project, which I shall call Mission: Long shot.

No non-sense return policy

I planned on watching the Brazil vs Portugal game on our Plasma TV, but when I turned the TV on, I saw Ivory Coast vs. North Korea. Seriously? Do they not want more viewers? Brazil vs Portugal is obviously the more intense match. So now I’m in front of my tiny 10 inch net book watching the game on live stream. (i love you, adthe.) It’s 0-0 as of now for Brazil vs Portugal. It’s 0-2 for North Korea-Ivory Coast. I’m not surprised. Anyway, I’m torn between Brazil and Portugal. I’m for both teams. But anyway, unless Ivory Coast scores 9 goals against North Korea, and Portugal loses against Brazil, the both teams are surely qualified.

Anyway, I was at Ikea the other day. This is their return policy:

Shop with confidence at IKEA. Almost every thing you buy is backed by The No-nonsense Return Policy. If you are not satisfied with something you’ve bought, just bring it back unassembled within 30 days, in its original packing and with the receipt, and we will refund you or exchange it for something else. After all, it’s human to change your mind, and we want you to be happy with your purchase

They make a very philosophical, but valid, point. I wish life had a no non-sense return policy.


Today my mom is considering signing up for a facebook account because I seem to be enjoying my bum days on it a lot. She wants to know what all the fun is about. Haha.


Congratulations to the Philippine Team, represented by BAYAN Marketing, for winning the Silver Cannes Lion Young Marketers Award. Go Filipino!

On a lighter note…

I felt my first post was kind of heavy. So here’s one on a lighter note. I realized how hard it was to dress up now, mainly because I live with my parents now and so I can’t wear what I used to wear. (They want me to throw my shorts away). It’s also because I’ve gained a lot of weight as a bum. Plus, I’d rather dress conservatively to avoid being talked about by other people (since most people aren’t used to seeing too much skin here)

This is what I wore out today:

I don’t like posing for these kinds of pictures so I didn’t know what to do with my hands in the second picture. There’s my brother in the background of the first picture. He was the one who (reluctantly) took the second picture.

To be cliche, I will break down the outfit.

Tube top: Mango (P400)

Skirt: SM Department Store (P400? I forgot.)

Cardigan: Thrift store (P80)

Anyway, something cute. My friend and I ordered shakes in the mall a few days back. The colors are so cute.

That’s Watermelon Shake (Left) and Mango Shake (Right)

Girly, i know.

You seriously want me to teach religion to kids?

Our community offers free religion classes for kids, and it’s like normal school, each student is divided per grade level. I was subjected to the education when I was younger. Today, they were asking for volunteers to be teachers to these kids. My mom looked at me and told me to sign up for it since I’m not doing anything anyway. I just looked at her and said “You seriously want me to teach religion? To children?”

Honestly, I’m not the best example to follow. Among my friends, I think I am the least religious. Actually, I have certain issues with organized religion. But I won’t talk about that here, or maybe I will… a little. I know it’s surprising, given that I graduated from a university which, when people find out I study there, would usually get the response “Diba Opus Dei yun?” (But there’s nothing wrong with that. What irks me is when they ask me, “Yun ba yung sa Magallanes?”, no, we can’t use our SM advantage card to receive discounts on our tuition fee. But how I wish.)

There were days I didn’t attend Sunday Mass out of laziness, I haven’t gone to confession for months now, I don’t oppose homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and the reproductive health bill (Although I am strongly against abortion), it annoys me how the Church can be so intervening in State affairs (Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s), and I don’t like it when members of the Church condemn people who don’t practice, when many of the non-practicing Catholics I know have much purer hearts and intentions than some people who bow down to every command of the religious leaders (You should see these people outside the walls of the church! It’s such a shame.).¬†And admitting all these would probably shock my very religious friends (You know who you are. Please still be my friend.:])

I have no issues on Catholicism, in fact I believe in what it has to say. What bothers me is how some Church officials can be such turn-offs to the many believers. Like this person.

But anyway, I like the priest in our area. He told me he’d never forget my name. So I have to be in my best behavior while around him. But as for teaching children the ways of the Catholic Church? I think I’ll pass. There are people who can do that job far better than I can.

The road to professional bumdom.

I just found out that our cable has 600 channels, unfortunately, half of the good channels,we did not subscribe to. So now I’m going to have to beg my parents to put in the good channels. Like Discovery Channel, E! (I need my daily source of hollywood “news”), and other channels that show the good series (Glee, Community, Heroes, Lost…. ehem: de gustibus non est disputandum.). But I think I’d need to find a job first because that would mean we would have to pay more to get these channels. Meh.

I’m still in my bum mode, although I have started Mission: Get Published which I now renamed Mission: Impossible. I scanned through some journal entries that were published by the journal I plan to submit my paper to. I have to change the whole layout of my thesis if I wanted to be publish. I wanted to know what kind of papers the journal accepted, and I decided to focus on organization first.

I haven’t gotten far, but I am progressing. I’ve outlined what I wanted to do (Well okay, in my head, but that is a start). I plan to apply for another Masters degree in 5 years, so by that time I hope to be published. That’s big dream, I know, but who knows. Anyway, I plan to study Political Communications, probably somewhere in the UK since that’s where they offer it. We’ll see.

World Shopping Championships

I got one of the most interesting e-mails earlier:

So I get to shop, and win money? Wow this is a great deal for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to participate. Woe is me.

But this is a very tempting competition to join. I’m more likely to join this than any sporting event. Well I’m a girly girl, go figure.

Today, I found out I had a prayer group of 20 people praying for my thesis every Saturday until my defense. I knew it was divine intervention. Aside from that and the world shopping championship, nothing interesting really happened today, well except for that fake priest excommunicated a few weeks back (Link). Why would anyone do that.

FIFA, NBA, among other things

I have not left the house today. I blame the consecutive games that have been going on. This morning, I watched the NBA Lakers vs. Celtics finals. I wanted the Celtics to win, but I felt Kobe (take note, Kobe. Not the Lakers as a team) deserved this win, since he put most heart in it. At around lunch time, up until dinner time, I watched the two FIFA games, Germany vs. Serbia and Slovenia vs. USA. Hot guys. ūüôā

Anyway, I was watching the news this afternoon (while I was taking a break between watching FIFA matches) and I was able to catch the news report on P.Noy’s advocacy for a 12-year education cycle, which will unfortunately cost the Philippines a staggering amount of 100B across 5 years (Link). Sadly, many educators and parents disagree with this proposal. Most of the reasons for disagreeing was first it was an additional cost for the parents, since even if public education would be funded by government, the costs of books,¬†miscellaneous fees, uniforms, and allowances are not. Also, educators argued that there are not enough teachers and that there are other problems that should be solved first, such as teacher salaries and lack of teachers for the current 10 year curriculum.

Yet, I personally feel that the Philippines needs the 12 year curriculum. I graduated High School at the age of 15, and honestly I had issues as to what major I wanted to pursue. At 15, we are tasked to make one of the biggest decisions in our life, and that is our specialization. This eventually would lead to the career we would take up after we have finished our degrees. Tell me, when you were 15, how sure were you about what you wanted to do, or wanted to be. At 15, we want to explore, we want to know more, but at 15, we are automatically locked in the walls of our courses.

Starting first year colleges, most universities already box you into your specific field, which blocks us from scoping for what we really want to do. I was lucky enough to go to a university which does not automatically sort us into courses the moment we set foot in the university. When I first applied, I was set to take up Communications, but as I took up subjects during my two years of Liberal Arts such as Political Governance and Institutions, Philippine Society, Philippine History, Political Thought, I realized that my interest lies not in Communication, but in Political Economy. I was given the chance to choose my major after two years of Liberal Education. But not all students are given that opportunity.

And sure, you may be one of those who, since grade school, has already set their hearts on a specific major. Well good for you, but that’s not the case with many of the fresh graduates. At the age of 15, or 16, sometimes, that decision is something they are not ready to make. This is not to say that adding two more years into the curriculum would make them decide what major to take up, but it gives them more time to make that decision. Their interests will be revealed, and it would be a more well-thought of decision. In addition, their preparedness for college would be increased.

But adding 12 years to the curriculum is not merely on the maturity of the students who graduate from high school. In the United States as well as in other countries, basic education is already set in the 12 year curriculum. The quality of education can be said to be better, because not only do you have more time to teach subjects, you have time to teach more on that subject. There have been complaints by society that the output of the educational system of the Philippines is not as competent as that from other countries. If other countries have already adapted the 12 year model, what’s there to stop us?

They say it’s the budget. Well, in 2010, only 12% of the budget was allocated to education. Adding a good 20B to that amount would bring it up to 13.9, 14% of the budget. What is 2% of the budget? ¬†If ¬†the 13B supplemental budget for the automated elections was allocated in such a fast time, what more if the necessary 20B for education was allocated in the proper time, so as to account for the possible deficits. In addition, in Thailand, no less than 20% is allocated for public education spending. Why is it so hard for us to allocate 14%?

Anyway, that’s my take on the whole 12 year education cycle. I know some people don’t like it because they will be in school longer than expected, but quality is always better than quantity (cliche as it is).


Tomorrow I embark on a mission and that is to start on my dream to be a published scholar, which will help me get a scholarship in the future. I hope I follow through this time. I call it Project: Be Published. At least now I am doing something with my life. I do really need to polish my writing skills now, since I haven’t really written anything serious aside from my thesis. So wish me luck!