The road to professional bumdom.

I just found out that our cable has 600 channels, unfortunately, half of the good channels,we did not subscribe to. So now I’m going to have to beg my parents to put in the good channels. Like Discovery Channel, E! (I need my daily source of hollywood “news”), and other channels that show the good series (Glee, Community, Heroes, Lost…. ehem: de gustibus non est disputandum.). But I think I’d need to find a job first because that would mean we would have to pay more to get these channels. Meh.

I’m still in my bum mode, although I have started Mission: Get Published which I now renamed Mission: Impossible. I scanned through some journal entries that were published by the journal I plan to submit my paper to. I have to change the whole layout of my thesis if I wanted to be publish. I wanted to know what kind of papers the journal accepted, and I decided to focus on organization first.

I haven’t gotten far, but I am progressing. I’ve outlined what I wanted to do (Well okay, in my head, but that is a start). I plan to apply for another Masters degree in 5 years, so by that time I hope to be published. That’s big dream, I know, but who knows. Anyway, I plan to study Political Communications, probably somewhere in the UK since that’s where they offer it. We’ll see.

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