No non-sense return policy

I planned on watching the Brazil vs Portugal game on our Plasma TV, but when I turned the TV on, I saw Ivory Coast vs. North Korea. Seriously? Do they not want more viewers? Brazil vs Portugal is obviously the more intense match. So now I’m in front of my tiny 10 inch net book watching the game on live stream. (i love you, adthe.) It’s 0-0 as of now for Brazil vs Portugal. It’s 0-2 for North Korea-Ivory Coast. I’m not surprised. Anyway, I’m torn between Brazil and Portugal. I’m for both teams. But anyway, unless Ivory Coast scores 9 goals against North Korea, and Portugal loses against Brazil, the both teams are surely qualified.

Anyway, I was at Ikea the other day. This is their return policy:

Shop with confidence at IKEA. Almost every thing you buy is backed by The No-nonsense Return Policy. If you are not satisfied with something you’ve bought, just bring it back unassembled within 30 days, in its original packing and with the receipt, and we will refund you or exchange it for something else. After all, it’s human to change your mind, and we want you to be happy with your purchase

They make a very philosophical, but valid, point. I wish life had a no non-sense return policy.


Today my mom is considering signing up for a facebook account because I seem to be enjoying my bum days on it a lot. She wants to know what all the fun is about. Haha.


Congratulations to the Philippine Team, represented by BAYAN Marketing, for winning the Silver Cannes Lion Young Marketers Award. Go Filipino!

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