Happy new month. In five days I would have officially been unemployed for a month. Two days after that, I turn 21. Years go by too fast. Most of the time kids would want to rush growing up. But I would like to think I grew up at a steady pace. I was never fascinated by boyfriends, make up, and parties like some of the children my age were. In fact, I still have the least amount of interest in those things, with the exception of make up which I use occasionally.

Anyway, I started a 30 day meme to celebrate the beautiful month of July. It was a letters meme from Tumblr wherein everyday I would have to write a letter to a designated person. Today I had to write to my best friend. I decided to  post it in my old blog because it fit the theme that I had for it. (It was named “From Sarah, With Love”) I will hyperlink each blog entry from this blog, for people who are interested in reading it, just like what I did above.

I also chose not to post it here because the cheesiness might scare the very few readers I have away.

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