Before I go to sleep.

I brushed my teeth in the dark. Half way, I freaked out thinking I may have picked up the wrong toothbrush (we’re four in the family) so I ran to the hallway where there was light. And thankfully, I used the right one.

I was supposed to type up a long update today but I was too preoccupied with Frontierville. I swear that game is evil. It is taking control of my life. I promise myself I will update tomorrow. There are some things I would want to immortalize that happened on my birthday.


I updated my letters blog for the meme:

Day Five: To Your Dreams

Day Six: To a stranger

Day Seven: To an Ex

Day Eight: To your favorite internet friend

Day Nine: To Someone you wish you could meet

Day Ten: To someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

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