The Three Day Diet

These days I have been doing absolutely ZERO physical activity, unless typing is considered physical activity, which it obviously isn’t. My fingers probably have mad muscles now. Therefore my mom and I decided to go on a three day diet. She has been doing it for a while, and she swears by it. So why not give it a try?

I’m on my third day. This is what was on the menu for yesterday:


Breakfast isn’t bad, it’s actually more than I really eat for breakfast. 1 banana, 1 boiled egg, one pandesal (this was just sliced thinly)


Now this was torture. Lunch was just a pack of crackers and cream cheese. I’m not allowed to eat snacks, so I had a gallon of water to satisfy my hunger between meals.


Dinner was okay. Most people know I don’t enjoy vegetables. But I seemed to actually like what I had for dinner. It’s one banana, two hotdogs and cabbage and carrots. We shredded the vegetables because I was hesitant at first to eat them.

This diet forced me to go to bed early to avoid getting hungry at midnight. Anyway, I lost 3 kilos in the first go. So we’d probably make this a weekly thing until I reach my ideal weight, or at least until I decide to stand up and finally leave the house for a jog or a trip to the gym. But that’s not going to be anytime soon. It’s just TOO HOT to set foot outside the house. So come September I have no excuse not to start moving.

I haven’t been updating my one month meme on my other blog. I’ve been too lazy to type anything long lately. Once again I put the blame on my twitter addiction.

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