Mineral Water

When I was younger, my mom never let my drink water from the sink. I always had to drink bottled water, specifically mineral water. This was because my tummy was really sensitive and I would throw up if I would drink water that’s not mineral.

When I started college, I was still afraid of drinking tap or house water in restaurants, but some people thought of it to be a snobbish act. So I tried to adapt to drinking tap water. I still dont like how it tastes, but at least my stomach is no longer vulnerable to the bacteria in it.

So why am I talking about mineral water? The other day, I got thirsty while we were at the mall. When my mom went to the restroom, I bought a bottle of mineral water from the Italian Cafe near the exit. They gave me Italian mineral water (which if converted is around 60 pesos. RIP OFF). I do not like the taste of Italian water. It was expensive but I did not enjoy it. I know water isn’t supposed to taste like anything, but some brands really do.

One time my mom told me never to buy Evian water. It was expensive. But I wouldn’t even buy it if it were cheap. I don’t like the taste. The same goes for Summit drinking water. It has this aftertaste that I don’t appreciate.

Since I’m bored, I will rank my favorite mineral water brands:

1. Wilkins

2. Absolute Drinking Water

3. Al-Qassim drinking water

Other than these brands, I do not trust any brand of bottled water.

2 thoughts on “Mineral Water

    • Hello Froi! Oh yes Viva. It’s realllyy bad too. I tried to give it another chance when it repackaged itself but still.. no. I also don’t like the taste of SM mineral water. 😐

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