Two weekends ago, my family and a family friend went to Bahrain to get my dad’s passport. Funny how another country’s embassy is much closer to us than the embassy here in Saudi. There was an offer for me to work in Bahrain, but I thought it was too far. But then it’s okay 2 hours away from the city we live in. Not bad. Anyway, Bahrain is beautiful, like a more modernized Saudi Arabia, where women drive hot cars, go out in flesh exposing clothing, and can eat pork.

The most amazing thing I saw in Bahrain was this:

They have a Coffee Bean. They only have Starbucks in Saudi, at least near where we stay. I have yet to see a Coffee Bean here. I wasn’t able to buy a drink because my mom was in a hurry. Plus she’s against buying overpriced coffee.

Here are some pictures I took while in Bahrain…

The highway to Bahrain, i think that’s the Gulf of Bahrain, since it’s the body of water that surrounds Bahrain (contrary to popular belief, ย there are actually beaches in the Middle East)

Bahrain! To the toll gates it’s about 1 and a half hours. then another 1 hour going through the customs, immigration, etc. Not bad since we traveled by car.

Most of the pictures were taken from inside the car or in the mall. With higher than 40 degrees temperature, I don’t think anyone would want to be walking around outside. But it looks really pretty with all the greenery (Yet another Middle Eastern misconception that should be cleared: We have flora over here. And not just cacti and palm trees- although palm trees are very popular in the area)

Although the highways often look like this. Cities are often separated by deserts. This is why the mall is also an hour or so away from our town. (It’s worth it since they have H&M and New Yorker, which make me happy.)

This is me with my mom in the cinema in City Center Bahrain. We’re finally going to watch Inception! While the cinema near our place is probably still showing Dark Knight. My mom summed up her opinion of Inception with one word – “Pataka” (She said it was not based on truth, so it’s “pataka” [a bisaya word] I have yet to understand what it translates to but I know what she meant)

We passed these buildings going to the mall, but since it’s almost night time, they now have these pretty lights that change every few minutes:

Green lights

Blue lights

Red lights

I took all the pictures with my cellphone so they’re all lousy quality, but I *think* I can still appreciate the beauty of Bahrain through them. I plan to go back to Bahrain around November-December to watch Harry Potter 7 part 1. I can’t miss out on that and I won’t be able to wait until a DVD is released.


On other things Harry Potter, I’ve fallen in love with “A Very Potter Musical” and “A Very Potter Sequel” . It is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Kudos to StarKid productions. Amazing songs, great acting. I love the person who plays Draco Malfoy. Very unexpected choice but probably the most amazing choice. Any person who has seen the musical will know what I mean.

This is the first part of the first act. There are two acts. The first has I think 13 parts while the second act has 8. Definitely worth any Pothead’s time.

2 thoughts on “Bahrain

  1. Oh my, Bahrain looks nice! Are they more liberated than other M.E countries?? I want to visit tuloy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, pero desert talaga! Haha thank you for the pictures, Chaw!!! Naamaze ako!

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