Harry Potter and the gift of site.

I haven’t updated for a week. It was a very busy week for me, and I’m happy now that I’ve been able to complete two missions within this week! First is the Harry Potter Re-read and Re-watch mission. I’ve finally watched and read all the books and movies (currently out). I now have mixed emotions towards the next Harry Potter movies. I’m sad because my childhood is coming to a close, but i’m so excited, it’s probably the first time I wished I could get my hands on a bootleg copy of the movies.

I’m not happy with how the last movies have been, especially Order of the Phoenix, but if David Yates does book 7 right, I will forgive his mistakes. (Haha

The other mission was the website Henry, Jonathan, Kath, Justin, and Tam were working on for the BERday babies. I was very much overwhelmed by the responses of my beloved friends. I’m happy that they loved it!!!

Here’s the link : http://dormersoftheoc.x10.bz

Anyway, I now have something to preoccupy me after those two missions are done, but Β I think this mission will be taking much more of my time. Yay!

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