We have a jealous kitty in our hands

Today, our adopted kitten showed signs of jealousy towards the new bunnies in the house. (My mom’s friend gave us baby bunnies because her rabbit  gave birth to 12 bbs)

Katniss, our kitten, is used to be the only one with the attention from this household.


But ever since the baby bunnies (Peeta, Gale and Finnick) arrived, everyone was curious at the cuteness they brought. (Plus my mom isn’t scared to go near them since they’re in a cage.

This morning I was feeding the rabbits and suddenly Katniss started circling my legs and rubbing her body on them and meowing constantly. She doesn’t normally do this unless she wants attention, so it was quite obvious she was a jealous bb. told her not to be a jealous bb since the bunnies were poor defenseless little creatures. I scratched her head and went in.

She probably spent the whole day plotting her scheme. I think she was going for, “screw you, I’ll show you what a poor defenseless little creature is”. So I go out at night to feed them their dinner and I was looking for the kitten and all I could hear was her meowing but I couldn’t see her. So I brought out a flashlight and finally found her.

Yes, that is a tree on our backyard and she was stuck. Meowing constantly which I could only interpret as “HELP HELP I’M A POOR DEFENSELESS LITTLE CREATURE ON THIS TREE AND I CAN’T GET DOWN HELP ME”

Okay, you made your point. It was kindov difficult to get her down since she was tangled in the branches, but I got her down and played with her a little. I think I now understand why the internet is full of cats. They certainly are interesting pets to have.

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