Philippines Day 1

After more than a year abroad, I’m finally back in the Philippines. It feels like I never left. EDSA never felt so familiar.

I met up with some of the Dormers. My lack of sleep really didn’t bother me since I just really wanted to meet up with my friends who I have not seen for more than a year.

Cheston, Jonathan, Jude, and Justin meet me in Teriyaki Boy and there are of course hugs that go around. Camille catches up and we wait for her to finish eating while waiting for Raisa to pick us up for my very first Mercato experience!

Jude, Justin, me, Raisa, Cheston, Camille, and Jonathan at Mercato!

After Mercato, we hung out at Cheston’s where we played taboo till 4AM! Amazing way to start my vacation! 🙂