Bubba Gump et al

Met up with Tyress and Kath for dinner in Bubba Gump Greenbelt 3 tonight. Finally not getting lost within BGC and actually getting to Makati in record time from home!

Tyress is hilarious as always. I swear, he never fails to make me laugh out loud with how he tells his story. I think he’s usually much funnier than the actual story.


Anyway, really good food!! Loved the Baked Seafood and Rice that I ordered. MMMMMM….. It was one of those few times that I was the first in the group to finish my food because seriously, delish.

We spent some time reminiscing the past and how crazy we were. We went on multiply to look at some of the pictures that would make horrible blackmail material. After that, we had some gelato at Gelatone!


At the moment I feel bad that I’ve only recently started documenting my vacation. I’ve been here for more than a month and it’s only now that I decide to bring my camera with me. Documentation fail. Well, it’s alright. What matters is the memories made, right? πŸ™‚

I take Tyress home to Greenhills and visit his place for the first time. Since I’m in the neighborhood I decided to drop by to say bye to Kinah and we ended up buying some coke floats and chilling by Temple Drive… like old times.

I'll miss you, Kinchi! I wish we got to hang out more often 😦

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