Last Friday Night

Last Friday night, which also happened to be my last Friday night in the Philippines, was the last chance that my friends had to get me drunk. You see, I’ve never gotten drunk before. Tipsy, yes, but drunk, never. Apparently, I’m missing out half my life for never getting drunk so before I even got to the Philippines, they made it their goal to get me drunk this vacation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get drunk. I think I may have been the tipsiest I have ever been, ever. But according to them I wasn’t drunk yet (really? That terrible feeling isn’t drunk yet?)

Still, it was really fun! Finally got to see Henry after a million years and we also finally got to set foot in Benise’s house! We played the questions game then Raisa got her Dirty Minds game and we played that as well. I may not have gotten drunk but that was definitely a night to remember!

At 3:30 AM! Me, Henry, Jonathan, Justin, Benise, Mar, Camille, and Raisa! (Picture from Raisa)

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