Banquet 2012

The last time I attended a Bowling banquet was when I was younger and they made us dance for the intermission so I completely forgot how long the program is. Still, it was nice to get out of the house for non-work related things so I usually take every chance I can get. This week, no, month, has been rather stressful for me so it was nice to just sit and watch people receive awards. The food was really good. We’ve had the same caterers since forever but I really believe they have improved in the taste of their food (the options are always the same though, always.)


Uom Ali, one of my most favorite Egyptian desserts!

Oh, and last night was also my chance to try out the new lipstick I bought in Bahrain in full force. It’s Midnight Rose from Lancome’s new line, Rouge in Love. I have worn it to work but not in its full intensity since it didn’t seem appropriate for the environment. Anyway, I’m extremely happy with it. I didn’t have to retouch the entire night even after eating 🙂

Before the banquet (5:30pm)
 After the banquet (10:00pm)
I haven’t done this in a while but, what I wore last night:
Top from Centerpoint
Skirt from New Yorker
Shoes from Payless
Bag from Mango
To end this post, my brother and I playing around with the door prizes we received:Image

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