Cliche as this may sound but one of the greatest things that has happened to me in the last three years was that I have been able to identify who my true friends are. Vida is definitely one of those people I consider to be one of my truest and bestest friends in the world, who has been there in almost every aspect of my life for three years now and I have nothing but appreciation and respect for her. Gah, I love you so much, Vida. The distance had only made our friendship stronger than ever ❤

Untying the Gordian Knot


Because I have seen the prelude of your youth; as you grapple with life, navigating through halls. Corner to corner, you painted your world–as tiny as it may be– with a smile; an optimism I can only dream of having. Those who have threatened to inflict wounds on your already fragile ego, were deflected by your naturally good heart.

These, I saw. It was a privilege.

Beyond paragraphs and paragraphs, accompanied by thousands of revisions. Those endless nights of dreaming for a bigger life, meaning and purpose. The melodies and words. The reinterpretations and regrets. We have yearned to rewind and wished to fast forward.

I stood and applauded as they called your name. I was proud.

At the precipice of something great, you never forget to whisper it to me. Like some sort of secret-keeper. Miles, connected by wires, challenging the oceans, betraying the longitudinal differences. None, no…

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