Officially 23

But in my heart, I’m forever 21 😉

Lunch with Nardz

Dinner with Dormers


International Hang Out!

I have never appreciated Google Plus as much as I did last night! Finally everyone got to hear Ian’s complete story, and Ian we’re super proud of you!!! We love you and you must visit us soon, okay?

Ian, Jude, Justin, Mar, Henry, Raisa, me, Camille!

MoMo and Cupcakes!

The night before I left for Saudi, we had what Mar tagged as “SSSS: Sarah’s Second Saudi Send-off”. I picked Cheston, Camille, Benise, and Raisa up from their respective homes (except for Camille who was at Escriva Drive with Nikko) and we set off to the venue of our dinner: MoMo Cafe in the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

After going around the area for several minutes looking for a parking spot, we finally found parking at the Makati Stock Exchange building since we refused to walk from Greenbelt. We were the first ones to arrive so we looked through the menu and took some pictures to pass time. A few minutes later, Justin, Jude and Jonathan arrived and we proceeded to order our food since we were already hungry.

While we were eating, Tam dropped by! So glad to have seen here for one more time before I left. I gave her my very much delayed pasalubong from Saudi (I know right) and she stayed with us for a while since she had to catch a movie. After a few minutes, Mar and Kath joined us as well.

Top View

The food was sooooo good. The winner of the night would have to be Benise’s Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole. Everybody loved it! The Beer Battered Fish and Chips that I ordered was not bad either! We attempted to surprise Justin with some dessert which ended up being a fail when the waiter asked Justin who the birthday celebrator was. Still, we got to get Justin his cake!

Justin, our resident Chinito cutie pie and his "surprise" cake

We decided to go get cupcakes at the Fort so we left the restaurant early, but not without having more group pictures taken!

Some of my favorite people! Boys (L-R) Cheston, Jonathan, Justin, Jude, and Mar; Girls (L-R) Kath, Me, Raisa, Camille, Tam, and Benise

Almost 100% successful Wacky Shot

Since I couldn’t fit everyone into my car, we divided into two groups and set off to the Fort. While waiting for the others to get there, we passed by Fully Booked and I bought two books that I wanted to bring with me to Saudi. We went to Sonja’s and waited for them there. They got cupcakes while Jude, Raisa, Jonathan, and I went to the neighboring gelato store and bought gelato.

Since it was very very humid, we decided to go into Coffee Bean where I got a bit annoyed because everyone started ignoring me. After a while I decided to just go out of the coffee store to get some air because I didn’t want to spoil my last night with my friends by being so grumpy. When I got back, everyone was up and ready to leave (and that didn’t really help my mood at all). So I got my stuff and walked ahead.

They found some nice place to take pictures so they forced me to be part of a group picture. I hesitantly sat down and they crowded around me while I forced a smile. 1 – 2 – 3 SURPRISE and Jonathan dropped a giant box of cupcakes on my lap. Apparently they’ve been so aloof because they wanted to surprise me at the end of the day. Thanks guys. 😛

There was even a card with the sweetest messages from them all 🙂
God, I love my friends.

Last Friday Night

Last Friday night, which also happened to be my last Friday night in the Philippines, was the last chance that my friends had to get me drunk. You see, I’ve never gotten drunk before. Tipsy, yes, but drunk, never. Apparently, I’m missing out half my life for never getting drunk so before I even got to the Philippines, they made it their goal to get me drunk this vacation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get drunk. I think I may have been the tipsiest I have ever been, ever. But according to them I wasn’t drunk yet (really? That terrible feeling isn’t drunk yet?)

Still, it was really fun! Finally got to see Henry after a million years and we also finally got to set foot in Benise’s house! We played the questions game then Raisa got her Dirty Minds game and we played that as well. I may not have gotten drunk but that was definitely a night to remember!

At 3:30 AM! Me, Henry, Jonathan, Justin, Benise, Mar, Camille, and Raisa! (Picture from Raisa)


Last night, Raisa, Justin, Jude and I had dinner at Yakimix, Podium. I’ve heard so much about the restaurant that when Raisa invited me I immediately said yes! I usually don’t go to buffets since I easily get full so it’s hardly worth it for me but I skipped lunch that day and the price of their buffet was not bad at all (P600!).

Raisa, Justin, Jude and Me! Double date haha

Caveman & Yeti

After our girl bonding lunch at Greenbelt, Kath, Camille and I set off to a place where it was quiet and empty on a Saturday night: Pearl Drive. We were supposed to hang out in Starbucks when we spotted the not so newly opened branch of Caveman & Yeti. We decided to try the place out since it sounded interesting.

Really good stuff, actually! I had a half vanilla, half coffee one with chocnut and condensed milk. YUM! Look at how pleased we are with our orders!

Happy faces! Camille, Kath, Me, Jude, Jonathan!

Philippines Day 1

After more than a year abroad, I’m finally back in the Philippines. It feels like I never left. EDSA never felt so familiar.

I met up with some of the Dormers. My lack of sleep really didn’t bother me since I just really wanted to meet up with my friends who I have not seen for more than a year.

Cheston, Jonathan, Jude, and Justin meet me in Teriyaki Boy and there are of course hugs that go around. Camille catches up and we wait for her to finish eating while waiting for Raisa to pick us up for my very first Mercato experience!

Jude, Justin, me, Raisa, Cheston, Camille, and Jonathan at Mercato!

After Mercato, we hung out at Cheston’s where we played taboo till 4AM! Amazing way to start my vacation! 🙂