You seriously want me to teach religion to kids?

Our community offers free religion classes for kids, and it’s like normal school, each student is divided per grade level. I was subjected to the education when I was younger. Today, they were asking for volunteers to be teachers to these kids. My mom looked at me and told me to sign up for it since I’m not doing anything anyway. I just looked at her and said “You seriously want me to teach religion? To children?”

Honestly, I’m not the best example to follow. Among my friends, I think I am the least religious. Actually, I have certain issues with organized religion. But I won’t talk about that here, or maybe I will… a little. I know it’s surprising, given that I graduated from a university which, when people find out I study there, would usually get the response “Diba Opus Dei yun?” (But there’s nothing wrong with that. What irks me is when they ask me, “Yun ba yung sa Magallanes?”, no, we can’t use our SM advantage card to receive discounts on our tuition fee. But how I wish.)

There were days I didn’t attend Sunday Mass out of laziness, I haven’t gone to confession for months now, I don’t oppose homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and the reproductive health bill (Although I am strongly against abortion), it annoys me how the Church can be so intervening in State affairs (Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s), and I don’t like it when members of the Church condemn people who don’t practice, when many of the non-practicing Catholics I know have much purer hearts and intentions than some people who bow down to every command of the religious leaders (You should see these people outside the walls of the church! It’s such a shame.). And admitting all these would probably shock my very religious friends (You know who you are. Please still be my friend.:])

I have no issues on Catholicism, in fact I believe in what it has to say. What bothers me is how some Church officials can be such turn-offs to the many believers. Like this person.

But anyway, I like the priest in our area. He told me he’d never forget my name. So I have to be in my best behavior while around him. But as for teaching children the ways of the Catholic Church? I think I’ll pass. There are people who can do that job far better than I can.


World Shopping Championships

I got one of the most interesting e-mails earlier:

So I get to shop, and win money? Wow this is a great deal for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to participate. Woe is me.

But this is a very tempting competition to join. I’m more likely to join this than any sporting event. Well I’m a girly girl, go figure.

Today, I found out I had a prayer group of 20 people praying for my thesis every Saturday until my defense. I knew it was divine intervention. Aside from that and the world shopping championship, nothing interesting really happened today, well except for that fake priest excommunicated a few weeks back (Link). Why would anyone do that.