UK Day 3 – Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience

Since I’m already in the United Kingdom I decided I might as well go to Cardiff and see the Doctor Who Experience! I love Doctor Who but I encountered so many problems before actually getting to the experience! First, I realized that I booked my ticket for 12:00 – 13:00 which was a bad idea because it takes around 3 – 4 hours just to get to Cardiff from the Victoria Coach Station. I decided to take the train which ended up costing more than 3 times more! Also, on my way to London Paddington, some lines in the Underground were being maintained so I had to reroute which added to my worries of being late for my too early time slot for my entry.

But there really was not much to worry about! I got to Cardiff at 10:30 am! Just  in time to get to Cardiff Bay and be there a few minutes before my time slot started. Makes me think I should have just taken the coach to save money. Then again, the scenic route that the train passed by was really beautiful and I did not feel the 3 hours I was on the train. Time seemed to pass by so quickly even if  was alone.

It was so cold even animals needed extra layers

It was a sunny day when I got to Cardiff which was a beautiful sight to see as I have not seen the sun since I got to London and I’m incredibly used to the sun. The Doctor Who Experience was AMAZING! Fans of the show will really enjoy the first part which was really a pleasant surprise. I won’t spoil it anymore but we weren’t allowed to take pictures during that event because they didn’t want to spoil it for those who will  attend in the future. It really was an experience.

The exhibit part of the experience was really cool. It showcased the different Doctors, Companions, and Aliens that were featured on the show since 1963! It was amazing that even the most recent companion, Oswin, who has not even appeared as companion (only as a guest character at that time) had her own display amongst the companions!

It was smaller than the Harry Potter Studio Tour but there was still a  lot to see that would make any fan explode with excitement.

After I was done with the Doctor Who Experience, which took my approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, I went off to Cardiff Bay. It was the perfect opportunity to visit the Wales Millennium Center, which is the front of TORCHWOOD 3, and the Ianto Jones Shrine which seems to still be receiving a healthy number of visitors since there are still flowers there that look fairly recent.

After going around the Doctor Who and Torchwood related sites, I jumped on a bus to the city. Funny story. I rode the bus to the city and had no idea where to go down so I ended up riding the bus all the way to is next route which was in Sports  City. It’s pretty cool though since I was still able to tour around Cardiff with the fare of a simple bus rather than paying a hefty amount to ride one of those tour buses.

Finally, I got down at Cardiff Castle, which is a beautiful castle that is well maintained inside and outside! The interior of the Castle remains to be beautiful. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures because my camera battery died and I was preserving my phone battery for my 3 hour trip going back to London.

I was considering staying back in Cardiff for a night and returning the next day but I accidentally left my iPhone charger in my accommodations and so had no way to charge my phone when it died. It’s funny now that I think about it that  was more concerned about the battery of my iPhone than with the fact that I had no change of clothes with me that would allow me to stay in Cardiff for a night.

Left Cardiff Central Station at about 5:30 pm and got home by 9:00pm. It was an incredibly tiring (and expensive!!) day trip! I enjoyed every second of it and i don’t regret spending so much money on the tour. Not may people are able to say that they have ridden a TARDIS!