On Nancy Binay

There has been much flak thrown at Nancy Binay, throughout the campaign period and even more so after elections when her name appeared in the Top 6. Personally, I did not vote for her, but the online criticisms seem to have gone too far with people not only attacking her credentials but also her character and appearance. 

We talk about Nancy Binay being undeserving as a Senator as if the Senate has until this moment been a sacred group of lawmakers who have done nothing but push for the betterment of our laws when in fact the Senate is filled with self-interested politicians who have already proven their ineffectiveness as lawmakers and yet are still able to reclaim their positions each time they run. Not to say that all of them fit that description, but let’s not fool ourselves into believing that Nancy Binay is going to be the virus that ails the legislative branch. 

There was a tweet about Bam Aquino where he stated that it was the perfect time to be a new politician because he isn’t used to the old politics. Perhaps this will work out for Nancy Binay’s benefit. We have attacked her based on her incompetence and lack of political (or even corporate) track record. Let’s stop and think about those who have previously served us, those who possess outstanding political and educational backgrounds. How exactly have they helped in the improvement of our country? That being said, why won’t we give this political neophyte the benefit of the doubt?

While I, like many, have my doubts on how she will perform as a senator, the attacks on her character and her skin color have reached the point of disrespect. We cry foul when people like Lucy Liu make jokes about looking a little Filipino and yet here we doing the same thing in the most malicious ways possible. For such an easily offended nation, we sure can be big bullies. 

Never imagined I would say this but let’s give Nancy Binay a chance. I didn’t support her with my vote but right now I actually want her to succeed just to prove her detractors wrong. 

(On another note, I know we’re disappointed that she got in the Senate over those who we believe are more capable. That’s democracy at work. Hopefully, those who have become critics during the elections won’t lose that fire as the years pass by. Our duty as citizens doesn’t end on election day)

On being fat

“You know, you’re pretty even if you’re fat.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that line (and forms of it), but no matter how often I hear it, I’ll never understand it. Being pretty and being fat are not mutually exclusive concepts.

I remember someone telling me I must lose weight so I can find a husband. Frankly, if any man will only be attracted to me because of how much I weighed, I don’t think he’s worth the time. Plus, modesty aside, I’ve been asked out by people several times before. I guess my weight isn’t acting like the road block people think it would.

In college, I heard stories of people making fun of me because I seemed to be “overconfident” and “too feeling sexy”. I’ve always been aware that I am fat, and I never really felt like it was a bad thing, but that didn’t stop me from feeling bad about what was being said about me. I have to admit that it really got me down for a while. It’s sad that people felt I didn’t have the right to be confident with how I looked despite my imperfections. Sure, I wasn’t as pretty as they were and sure I would definitely not fit in their clothes but that did not mean I should let them get to me. Now that I’m older I wish I didn’t feel so affected by what was said about me then.

I don’t mind if people tell me I need to lose weight because they’re concerned for me and my health but when I hear reasons such as to find a husband or to look better well that’s just crazy. I’m rambling a lot right now, but I just need to get this out. I mean sure I’d like to lose weight and wear the clothes I want to, and maybe one day I will, but I don’t want to do it just because of what other people say or because I want a guy to like me.